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Solar Energy

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A commercial solar energy installation has benefits that reach well beyond saving money on utility bills. “Going Solar” is the premier means for being recognized as a leader in civic duty and environmental stewardship. Everyone recycles, conserves water and turns off the lights but few generate power, on sight, using clean, abundant and FREE solar energy. The time is right to call Independence Renewable Energy. As your local commercial solar energy installer, we will assist you through the entire process.

All commercial buildings consume electricity. How much of that energy can be offset using solar power? Space constraints, budget and property location all play a part when deciding where and how large of a commercial installation is practical. If your business consumes large quantities of hot water, solar thermal systems are a fantastic way to reduce the amount of conventional fuel that is needed. With either commercial system federal tax credits, accelerated depreciation, increased property value and untold promotional opportunities await those who take the lead.

Commercial solar power systems are scalable and expandable. Businesses can choose the amount of power to be generated. Then, when the time is right, systems can be expanded upon. Even small systems have a major impact on public opinion. Real time monitoring tracks energy production and can be displayed from a computer monitor. kWh’s and or BTU’s, both are exciting to watch when being produced from a solar installation on a commercial building.


Solar Energy

Helping the Chicago metro area to go solar

Solar Energy

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