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When deciding to go solar, efficiency is the name of the game. Individual solar cells are getting better along with overall panel efficiency. Improvements with inverter technology are also improving system performance. As for solar thermal, better materials and ways to capture heat from the sun are under constant development.

No matter how good renewable energy systems get, making sure your home or business are operating at peak efficiency is key to getting the most out of your solar dollar. Lighting and motors are where a great majority of energy is spent. Luckily, advances in both have given us efficiency options like we have never had before. Upgraded fluorescent lighting uses 40% less energy and LED’s can reduce electrical demand, for lighting, by up to 80%. Improving power factor, as it relates to motors, can improve performance by 15%. It is evident that reducing your electrical consumption with efficiency measures combined with installing solar panels provides a very powerful energy package.

Independence Renewable Energy can work with you on all fronts. Our goal is to show clients how to become more efficient as we integrate solar powered systems. Contact us to learn how to combine the best of both, using less energy and creating more of your own.

LED Advantages


Fluorescent Lighting Upgrades

Energy Savings Equals Dollars

Based upon the annual operating hours and utility rate. the energy savings can be used to calculate the operating cost savings:

Annual Operating Hours:                        4,000

Utility rate ($/Kwh)                                   x $0.12

Energy Savings per fixture (Watts)         x 64

Conversion from W to KW                     / 1,000

Annual Cost savings per fixture        $30.72

Multiply this value by the number of fixtures in the facility to determine the total cost savings. The chart below identifies some fof the savings potential with T12 to T8 retrofit. keeping the number of lamps the same:



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