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Solar Power

The advantages of solar energy continue to gain acceptance. Energy independence is in the forefront of daily news. Whether on a national or personal basis, our country is trending toward the benefits of solar power. Environmentally, we can no longer deny the effect our consumption of traditional energy sources is having on our planet. There are few arguments that stand up to the overwhelming advantages of mass solar expansion.

Have you asked yourself; is solar power productive in the northern Illinois area? The answer lies in what is happening across the globe and even a little closer to home. Germany is the world leader in the installation of solar energy systems. They are further north than Chicago and have a cloudier climate. Two identical systems are installed, one in Miami and one in Chicago. The solar power collected in Chicago is at 88% of the system in Miami. Not as big of a difference as people may think.

Dramatic drops in cost have brought the advantages of solar power within reach for the general public. PV collectors have come down in price 40% in the past few years. Improvements in inverters have increased system efficiency. Worldwide demand and fierce competition between manufactures will keep the advantage slanted toward consumers. Federal, state and utility rebates & incentives are in place for residential along with commercial solar advocates to claim.

As a nation, it would be to our benefit if we shifted away from the instant gratification and disposable society that we have become. The advantages of all forms of renewable energy; solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, tidal, bio-mass etc. are all fantastic, in the long term. Planning for future generations’ financial health is an age old concern. Environmental and energy planning should be on the same level. Without all in place, life moving forward may not be as pleasant as we would like.

Contact Independence Renewable Energy, we have the expertise to design and install a system that will allow you to reap all the advantages solar energy has to offer.

Solar Power

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Solar Power


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