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Solar Sisters is an organization founded by Kathryn Lucey to connect people, mostly women, with light, hope and opportunity.  How does she do this and what is her organization focused on?  Quoting from a Solar Sister Journey, their mission is to “eradicate poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity, a deliberately women-based direct sales network to bring the breakthrough potential of clean energy technology to even the most remote communities” around the world.

The mission says women are the heart of Solar Sister.  WHY, WHY? Women typically managed the household, manage household energy purchases and are caregivers to everyone in the family, young and old.  Educating these women, and those they reach, about our greatest, most abundant energy source, the sun benefits everyone.  Working hours increase, sicknesses are reduced thus reducing healthcare costs, accidental fires are greatly reduced, if not eliminated because of solar energy.  Candles and kerosene lanterns, often setting houses on fire, are no longer needed during darkness.  Kathryn Lucey believes a strong, hard-working group of women can reach many communities all over the world educating others about solar energy.

While Solar Sister was founded in the Unites States, Social Enterprising spreads its mission around the world.  Social Enterprising creates solutions to energy poverty that’s long-lasting, sustainable and driven by customers and entrepreneurs.  People (women) are connected with light. hope and opportunity making better professionals. 

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The concept of Solar Sisters can be spread right here in our hometowns.  Solar energy can transform your home, just as it has in the remotest parts of the world.  Be a Solar Sister –

Thank you to the Solar Sister organization for their great work in the area of solar energy and providing information to us about their work.

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