March Madness

UNC BasketballMarch Madness is here – can anyone guess who my pick is to win the 2016 NCAA Tournament?  I gave it away – yes, I am a TARHEEL through and through.  That’s what happens when you are raised 10 miles from Chapel Hill and eventually attend school there.  Ok, enough on basketball.


Have you ever been confused about selecting your energy provider?  Do you receive the promotional letters that guarantee lower prices, get cheaper rates if you switch your service to >>>>.  Are these letters giving you all the information you need to make an educated decision?  Or, are there surprises?  How does this relate to basketball – we do our research, pick our brackets, one team seems like the easy pick, we just know we have made the best decision – but there are unexpected surprises.  Player injuries, team has lost some of its heart and just like that – my pick is out of the tournament.


We face the same challenges when selecting our energy providers – picking the “right” plan for your household.  The internet gives us the opportunity to research and compare many providers.  We can compare their plans looking for the most savings for our energy.  But why does this process have to be as confusing as selecting my NCAA brackets?  Energy providers may seem to offer great low rate plans but is there something they may not be telling you?  Absolutely. Rate plans are usually based on fixed rate intervals of 500kWh, 1000kWh and 2000kWh.  Ok, that is fine, so your household uses about 900kWh / month.  The plan offers 1000kWh for $.053 – perfect, we are typically just under this – this must be the right plan.


WRONG – the problem comes in when you use more, and even less, than the 1000kWh – the price goes up because you didn’t hit 1000kWh exactly.  And yes, sometimes you are charged more because you didn’t use enough energy.  This is so CRAZY.

Solar energy will reduce your usage and make the energy provider game a bit easier.  Check your energy provider for incentives when converting some of your energy to solar.  Are they offering you credits or paying you for being “off the grid”?


Thank you to Think Energy for providing so much useful information for this blog – even though they are predicting Kansas to win the 2016 NCAA Tournament.  Unexpected surprise – Villanova

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