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Photovoltaics (PV), the scientific term for converting sunlight into electricity, a brief history:

v 1839 – experiments with light showed increased voltage production, on electrodes, under certain conditions

v 1904 – Einstein writes a paper on the photoelectric effect and wins the Nobel Prize in 1921 for his efforts.

v 1954 – Bell Labs scientists discover silicon is sensitive to light and can be made to produce significant voltage.

Shortly after, PV was being used along highways for telecommunication system power. This marked the beginning of commercial applications for solar electricity systems. The rising cost of fossil fuels has continued to push further development of solar energy.

How much of your power consumption do you want to offset using PV? Professional residential and commercial solar energy installers, such as Independence Renewable Energy, can help you determine the best course of action. Any amount can be targeted, from 1% through 100%. Properly installed solar energy systems are fully scalable and expandable. You can start small today and add to your system over time. Space and budget constraints factor into the design. PV energy systems do not need to be mounted on rooftops. Numerous ground mount options make solar available for any property.

  • Grid tied systems allow your solar installation to push unused power back on the grid, while seamlessly providing power at night or on cloudy days. Net Metering Programs are in place that ensure credits register on your utility bill.
  • Stand-alone systems allow you to be completely off the grid.
  • Residential or commercial solar energy systems work in conjunction with most permanently installed stand-by generator systems.
  • Hybrid systems combine wind and solar power.

Solar energy is right for you. Now we just need to determine what level of electricity production will happen at your property. Contact Independence Renewable Energy for a free sight assessment. The Professor will gladly work with you on all steps of the process.

Solar Energy

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