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Solar Assessment

  • Federal tax credits
  • State rebates
  • Net Metering
  • Property tax protection
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Homeowner association rights
  • Renewable Energy Credit sales
  • Grants


Depending on your property, more than one of these incentives to install solar energy will be available. All apply equally to solar for electricity production and solar thermal for hot water & heat. They provide additional motivation for everyone to participate in the renewable energy world. Our government understands the importance of promoting solar power through tax credits, rebates and programs that highlight the need to incorporate alternative energy into daily life. is the premier site for monitoring all renewable energy system incentives on federal and state levels. Your local solar energy integrator will also be up to date with these programs.

Independence Renewable Energy offers assistance with all aspects of solar energy incentives. However, we are not accountants and cannot advise on tax implications. You are urged to contact your tax professional to discuss these options.

We also offer our own solar energy rebate program. Refer a customer that installs a system and you get paid, it’s that simple. Terms and conditions are available during consultation.

Contact Independence Renewable Energy for a free assessment. In addition to receiving a personal site evaluation, available solar energy incentives will be explained.

Solar Assessment

Solar solutions for Lake, Will, Grundy & Lee counties

Solar Assessment

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