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Home Solar Power

  • Month after month, year after year utility bills come in and money goes out.
  • Move out or sell and what do you get for years of forced dedication to energy providers?
  • Ever consider the fact that we are conditioned to “rent” our energy for a lifetime?

Home solar power systems are one way to break the cycle of energy dependence. You now have the choice to “own” a personal power plant. Whether you generate electricity, heat or both take control of your future and enjoy the benefits of solar power.

Solar power for your home works together with utility power or allows you to go completely off grid. With the cost of materials going down and efficiencies going up the benefits of solar panels are now within reach of everyone. Net Metering allows excess solar power, not used in your home, to be sent back to the grid.

With a home based solar power system you can:
• Choose how much of your own power you want to generate
• Start small and build up into a larger solar system by adding panels
• Monitor how much power your system produces
• Rest easy knowing that the next rate hike will not impact you
• Feel good about not adding to the pollution problem
• Be a leader in your community

Are you ready for the benefits of solar power? Independence Renewable Energy offers free site assessments and uses satellite modeling tools to determine if your property is right for a home solar power system. Give us a chance to earn your business.

Bringing solar power to the greater Chicagoland area

Home Solar Power


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