Should I Go Solar in 2016?


fox hollow street view

View from the street of Independence Renewable Energy customer at Fox Hollow

Now that Christmas has passed and New Year’s is upon us, it’s time to look ahead to 2016 –  begin planning for children’s activities, vacations, home improvements, etc.  When thinking about home improvements, why not consider solar energy as an option to reduce your electric bills and save you thousands in the years to come.

So where do you begin?  A great source of information is EnergySage,  EnergySage not only provides information on solar energy, it’s also a marketplace for solar installers in your area.  Listed below is some of the things you can expect by using EnergySage:

  • development of a personal profile based your property layout, roof angles, needs and expectations – provide your most recent electric bill for EnergySage advisors to review ensuring your property is right for solar energy

  • qualified solar installers will be contacted with your information and a of list of installers will be provided to you – during this process, you may be contacted directly by an installer.  It’s your choice whether to communicate with them directly or through EnergySage.  Assistance is available through EnergySage Messages which also communication tracking with any with any installer

  • quotes may be provided based on your profile – these may be reviewed and compared on EnergySage.  When you are comparing, remember to consider the installer’s qualifications, the technology used and supported, the accuracy of their information based on your needs, available warranties and their customer service.  **  Also remember to check for incentives and rebates included in installers proposal.  Did they provide accurate information in this area? **

  • select a quote using EnergySage’s hassle free tool.  This locks in the deal, but does not yet obligate you.  Your obligation begins when the contract is signed and you begin communicating directly with the installer

  • beginning your conversion to solar energy is now under way – one last tool provided by EnergySage is customer feedback.  Providing feedback on your experience may be very useful to another potential solar customer. 

Now that you have a great tool for looking into solar energy, what’s holding you back?  Check out our page, Latest in Solar News, for the top 10 things you should know about converting to solar.  Happy New Year from the Solar Professor.


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