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Our energy source for many, many years to come

I have just finished reading an article on “high-growth economic sectors” – WOW, what the heck is that?  Well, it’s what is going to steer and drive the “money-train” for the next 30-40 years.  Some of us remember the big computer boom in the 70s, this was followed with the laptop.  Computer companies manufactured mainframes, technology investors invested.  Then appears the laptop – better and newer technology – another boost for technology investors.  This was the beginning of a new “frontier”.


By now you’ve probably figured out the next, new “frontier”, the new investment boost.  It’s SOLAR, sustainability and general awareness of the public.  Borrowing from an earlier IRE blog, “Sustainability” might just be the evolution of a higher purpose. Sustainability or going green should be a value that transcends time and place to have long term impact. Sustainability is something that we will have to continuously strive for with the knowledge and information we have at hand.  Sustainability is capable of scientific, medical, computing breakthroughs, just to name a few, making our world a much better place.


My readings say the American public is ready to jump on the solar-train.  We are ready for new technology, ready to help conserve and preserve the environment for our children, their children, etc.  But while trying to preserve our environment, we have to be very careful not to diminish it by continuing to be dependent on fossil fuels.  The Earth provides trillions of dollars worth of “free” services yearly.  These services include fresh water, soil, breathable air, pest control and a livable climate.  There are endless opportunities here for growth and prosperity.  Those high-tech computer investors may well become “sustainable” investors.


James W. Johnston suggests we, individuals, companies, corporations, “are ready to do the modern equivalent of hunting and gathering in regard to energy choices”.  We need to understand our options.  What is available to the everyday family?  Is it reasonable for middle-class America to even consider solar?  Absolutely.  Mr. Johnston paraphrases Michael Margolis by saying, “if we want to change the world, we have to change our story”. 

Thank you to James W. Johnston of Vector Solar and Jennifer Johnson of IRE for allowing me to use your input in my blog.

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