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Solar Thermal

Everyone knows what it is like to get into a car and have it be much warmer inside than the temperature outside. Consider; even when the heat is not on, your car interior will stay toasty on a cold sunny day. Solar thermal systems operate on the same idea, only with multiplied intensity.

There are over 60 million solar water heating systems in the world, with hundreds of thousands in the United States and thousands in Illinois. Easily integrated, solar hot water systems work side by side with conventional means to dramatically reduce consumption of fossil fuels. At home or in businesses, hot water production and space heating are a large expense. Anywhere that hot water is used whether for bathing, laundry, space heating, pool heating, restaurants, car washes, assisted living facilities, commercial laundromats – solar hot water systems bring unmatched efficiency.

Solar thermal hot water systems allow home and business owners to control their energy expenses. No matter how high the cost of propane, electricity or natural gas may go energy costs are locked in when solar thermal systems are used. 20 year solar collector warranties and very few moving parts mean peace of mind, hot water flow, for the life of the system. Collectors, a pump, storage tank and a heat exchanger are the major components. If space is tight, combination solar thermal and standard storage tanks are available. Some systems combine a small solar panel to provide power to the pump. This ensures you will have hot water during a power outage and there is no additional cost, for electricity, to run the pump.

A hot water solar panel is completely different from PV modules. Solar thermal produces heat while PV produces electricity. Currently there are hybrid collectors under development that will combine the technologies. Until these are commercially available solar hot water systems and PV arrays will function separately.

Bring some of the energy from the sun inside and put it to good use. Install a solar thermal hot water system on your home or business. Ask Independence Renewable Energy to help you through the process.

Solar Thermal

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Solar Thermal

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